High-Performance-Special hydraulic fluid with outstanding low temperature behaviour based on synthetic base oils; specially designed for use in highly loaded central hydraulic systems.


ZHS-SYNTH is a high-performance special hydraulic fluid with optimised low temperature behaviour. It’s based on state-of-the-art additives and carefully selected synthetic base oils.


ZHS-SYNTH has been specially designed for the use highly loaded central hydraulics, power-steering, convertible top actuation and shock absorbers. Its outstanding viscosity / temperature behaviour provides reliable operation at high oil temperatures also as sensitive response at very low temperature conditions.

In compliance to EEC regulations the quality of ZHS-SYNTH is equivalent according to the following standards / specifications:

• DIN 51524 Teil 3

• ISO 7308


Additionally ZHS-SYNTH is recommended when the following filling instructions are required:



• MAN M3289

• MB 345.0

• Ford WSS-M2C204-A/A1

• Opel 19 40 715/766

• Porsche

• Volvo 1161529/30741424

• VW TL 52 146 (G002 000/G004 000)

• ZF TE-ML 02K


• excellent viscosity / temperature behaviour and high shear stability

• sensitive response at very low temperatures

• outstanding ageing and oxidation stability due to synthetic base oils

• best anti-wear-properties even under continuous stress for reliable operation and maximum lifetime

• reduced foaming tendency

• Prevents reliably from corrosion, wear and deposits

• good sealing compatibility

• Miscible and compatible with other branded central hydraulic fluids of same specification. To make use of the full performance benefit of ZHS-SYNTH a complete oil change is recommended


Note: ZHS-SYNTH must not be mixed with any glycol or silicon based fluids (e.g. brake fluids DOT3/4/5.1 or DOT 5)