MAXXUS ATF-MB-MULTI is a high-performance ATF based on special additives and high-grade HC synthetic base oils. It is specially adapted to the requirements of Mercedes-Benz 7-speed automatic transmissions (NAG-2) and offers highest shifting comfort and maximum lifetime. Also for use in 5-speed transmissions with regulated torque converter lock-up clutch (NAG-1) according to manufacturer instructions.

Special features and advantages:

• Adapted friction behavior for comfortable shifting

• Reliable prevents from shudder shifting problems

• Outstanding friction stability during the whole drain interval

• Excellent low temperature shifting performance

• Best anti-wear-properties for reliable operation and maximum lifetime

• Outstanding ageing and oxidation stability

• Reduced foaming tendency

• Prevents reliably from corrosion, wear and deposits

• Good sealing compatibility

• Miscible and compatible with other ATF of comparable quality. To make best use of the full performance benefit of ATF-MB-MULTI complete oil change is recommended

Comparable with following standards and classifications:


MB 236.14

MB 001 989 68 03

MB 236.12

MB 001 989 45 03