Multifunctional-High-Performance ATF (Automatic-Transmission-Fluid) for modern step type automatic transmission of European, American and Asian manufacturer in passenger car and heavy duty vehicles.


ATF-III-H is a high-performance ATF with extremely wide application range in modern step-type automatic transmissions. The unique composition of stateof-the-art additives and HC-Syntheses base oils provides its outstanding performance level.


ATF-III-H is a really multifunctional ATF. It combines the requirements of the most current specifications of American, European and Asian manufacturers.

In compliance to EEC regulations the quality of this product is equivalent according to the following standards / specifications:



• Allison C4

• MAN 339 Type V1/Z2

• MB 236.6

• Voith H55.6335 (G607)

• ZF TE-ML 04D, 14B, 16L, 17C


Additionally ATF-III-H is recommended when the following filling instructions are required:


• Aisin Warner JWS 3309/3314

• Allison TES 295/TES 389

• BMW LA-2634/LT-71141/ETL 7045 E

• Chrysler ATF+3/+4

• Ford M2C195-A/202-B/922-A1/924-A/938-A

• GM 9986195

• Honda Z1

• Hyundai/KIA/Mitsubishi SP-II/-III

• MAN 339 Type V2/Z3

• MB 235.71/236.9/236.10/236.11

• Nissan Matic-D/J/K

• Toyota T-IV /JWS 3309

• Voith H55.6336 (G1363)

• Volvo 97341 / Volvo 5-Speed (116154)

• VW 50 160/TL 52 162/G 052 990/G 055 025

• ZF TE-ML 02F, 11B, 14C


• superb rationalism product

• prevents from miss disposition

• smart ware housing

• excellent low-temperature shifting performance

• Long-term friction stability

• best anti-wear-properties for reliable operation and maximum lifetime

• outstanding ageing and oxidation stability

• reduced foaming tendency

• prevents reliably from corrosion, wear and deposits

• good sealing compatibility

• miscible and compatible with other branded ATFs. To make use of the full performance benefit of ATF-III-H complete oil change is recommended


Note: ATF-III-H is not recommended for use in DCT/DSG (Double Clutch Transmission) or CVT’s (Continuous Variable Transmission).