ATF-H-PLUS (Automatic-Transmission-Fluid), specially adapted to the requirements of Mercedes-Benz automatic transmissions and transfer cases.


ATF-H-PLUS is a high-performance ATF based on state-of-the-art additives and carefully se-lected HCSyntheses base oils. It has been specially adapted to the comfort requirements of Mercedes-Benz automatic transmissions with regulated torque converter lockup clutch (KÜB).


ATF-H-PLUS is recommended for 4-Matic transfer cases in Mercedes M- and R-Class Models (Type W164 and W251) where the use of a fluid in accordance to MB 236.12 is mandatory. Additionally ATF-H-PLUS is to be used in 5-speed trans-missions with regulated torque converter lockup clutch (KÜB) as well as in the former 5-speed trans-missions without regulated torque converter lockup clutch. As a rationalism product ATF-H-PLUS can be used in many applications where a DEXRON III fluid is recommended.

In compliance to EEC regulations the quality of ATF-H-PLUS is equivalent according to the following standards / specifications:

Additionally ATF-H-PLUS is recommended when the following filling instructions are required:


• MB 236.10 (NAG 1)

• MB 236.12 (NAG 2)


• great multifunctional rationalism product for many applications

• excellent low temperature shifting performance

• adapted friction behaviour for comfortable shifting

• reliable prevents from shudder shifting problems

• outstanding friction stability

• best anti-wear-properties for reliable operation and maximum lifetime

• outstanding ageing and oxidation stability

• reduced foaming tendency

• prevents from corrosion, wear and deposits

• good sealing compatibility

• Miscible and compatible with other branded ATFs. To make use of the full performance benefit of ATF-H-PLUS complete oil change is recom-mended


Note: ATF-H-PLUS is not recommended for use in DCT/DSG (Double Clutch Transmission) or CVT’s (Continuous Variable Transmission)