ATF-GEAR6 with reduced viscosity for improved fuelefficiency. Specially designed for the requirements of step type automatic transmissions build in SUV’s, medium and upper class vehicles.


ATF-GEAR6 is a highperformance fuelefficiency ATF based on stateoftheart additives and carefully selected HCSyntheses base oils. It has been specially adapted to the requirements of modern step type automatic transmissions.


ATF-GEAR6 has been tailored to the special requirements of modern step type automatic transmissions, fitted to highperformance medium and upper class vehicles, also as to SUV’s. Its high friction level provides almost sleepfree high torque transmission rates and provides spontaneous and sporty shifting operation. Therefore ATF-GEAR6 is especially recommended for cars, which are racy driven and under full performance application. Its excellent friction retention provides stable shift performance during the whole drain interval.

In compliance to EEC regulations the quality of ATF-GEAR6 is equivalent according to the following standards /specifications:

Additionally ATF-GEAR6 is recommended when the following filling instructions are specified:



• BMW 8322 0 142 516 (BMW 1375.4)

• Ford WSSM2C938A

• Hyundai SPIV

• Jaguar Fluid 8432

• Land Rover TYK5000050

• Nissan Matic S

• Toyota Type WS

• VW/Audi G 055 005


• adapted friction behaviour for spontaneous and sporty shifting operation

• reliable prevents from shudder shifting problems

• outstanding friction stability during the whole drain interval

• reduced viscosity for improved fuelefficiency potential

• excellent low temperature shifting performance

• best antiwearproperties for reliable operation and maximum lifetime

• outstanding ageing and oxidation stability

• reduced foaming tendency

• prevents reliably from corrosion, wear and deposits

• good sealing compatibility

• miscible and compatible with other branded ATFs. To make use of the full performance benefit of ATF-GEAR6 complete oil change is recommended


Note: ATF-GEAR6 is not recommended for use in DCT/DSG’s (Double Clutch Transmission) or CVT’s (Continuous Variable Transmission)