Synthetic High-Performance special gear oil, designed for the demanding anti-wear and friction behaviour requirements of modern double clutch gear transmissions.


ATF-DCT is a high-performance double clutch transmission fluid based on a special base oil blend made from HC-synthesis base oils and fully synthetic PAO (Poly-Alpha-Olefin), in combination with state-of-the-art additives.


ATF-DCT has been tailored to the special requirements of wet double clutch transmissions. Its optimized friction system provides slip-free high torque transmission rates and thus provides spontaneous and sporty shifting during the whole drain interval. The special base oil matrix provides stable friction level and maximum wear protection even under the most severe conditions no matter if arctic cold or blazing heat.

In compliance with EEC regulations the quality of ATF-DCT is equivalent to the following standards / specifications:

Additionally ATF-DCT is recommended when the following filling instructions are specified:


• Ford WSS-M2C936-A

• Chrysler 68044345EA

• Mitsubishi Dia Queen SSTF-I (MZ320065)

• PSA 9734.S2

• Volvo 1161838/1161839

• VW G 052 182


• adapted friction behaviour for spontaneous and sporty shifting operation

• outstanding friction stability during the whole drain interval

• best anti-wear-properties for reliable operation and maximum lifetime

• excellent low temperature shifting performance

• outstanding ageing and oxidation stability due to selected HC-synthesis and fully synthetic PAO base oils in combination with extraordinary additive technology

• reduced foaming tendency

• reliable prevention of corrosion, wear and deposits

• good sealing compatibility

• miscible and compatible with other branded double clutch transmission fluids of same performance. To make use of the full performance benefit of ATF-DCT a complete oil change is recommended


Note: ATF-DCT is not recommended for use in step type automatic transmissions or CVT’s (Continuous Variable Transmission)