High-quality mineral oil-based automatic transmission fluid (ATF)


ATF-A is a formulation targeting on applications asking for an ATF meeting the former GM specification Type A Suffix A (now obsolete).


Although the GM-Specification Type A Suffix A (TASA) is invalid for a while, there are still some applications calling for products with this performance level. ATF-A can be used according to the unit manufacturer’s operating instructions in Automatic transmissions, turbo couplings, servo couplings as well as other hydrostatic and hydrodynamic systems. In compliance to EEC regulations the quality of this product is equivalent according to the following standards / specifications:


• Type A, Suffix A (TASA)

• Allison C3


• MAN 339 A

• MB 236.2.7


• Good viscosity-temperature behaviour

• Outstanding low temperature properties

• very good oxidation stability

• low foaming tendency

• prevents reliably from corrosion, wear and deposits

• miscible and compatible with other branded ATFs. To make use of the full performance benefit of ATF-A a complete oil change is recommended