BIZOL Technology Gear Oil GL5 80W-90

BIZOL Technology Gear Oil GL5 80W-90

• outstanding viscosity and temperature stability;
• high reliability of lubrication;
• optimum ageing resistance.

BIZOL Technology Gear Oil GL5 80W-90 is a multi-grade transmission oil which is resistant to temperature fluctuations and oxidation and enriched with agents for wear reduction at bearings and tooth flanks. Special additives prevent rust and foam formation. It is a gear oil with a wide application range for the use in motor vehicle transmissions such as final drives and variable-speed transmissions where an EP transmission oil of this performance level is recommended.

Base Oil: Mineral

Classifications and Specifications:


MIL-L-2105 D

MB 235.0

MAN 342 M1


Volvo 97310 / 97316

Voith 3.325-339

ZF TE-ML 07A / 16B / 16C / 16D / 17B / 19B / 21A